NEW 2nd-gen TICKR heart monitors now support multiple BLE connections. Athletes can connect to Squad on your iDevice AND their favourite fitness app on their own smartphone - at the same time! Available everywhere at

IMPORTANT! Your CovidSafe app (Aust Govt vers1.5) may be blocking ALL heart monitor connections in Squad app. To resolve simply shutdown and relaunch CovidSafe app (because safety first!), or try restarting your iOS device.

Get In The Zone

Squad Heart Rate app for bootcamps, fitness studios, and gyms. Connects up to 12 Bluetooth heart rate sensors to your iPhone/iPad. Monitors training intensity 24/7, tracks aerobic fitness, and sends workout reports automatically.

Multi-User US$9.99/mo or Single-User FREE

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Never miss a beat

Wahoo TICKR heart rate chest strap for smartphones, sports watches, and bike computers. Features Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing, LED lights for Bluetooth activation and heart rate detection, and heart rate variability (HRV).

$ 79.95 incl GST

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Heart on your sleeve

Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate armband for smartphones and bike computers. Features Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing, advanced optical sensor, and rechargeable battery.

$ 109.95 incl GST

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