Team sports performance data and analytics.

Developer services now available to Squad subscribers from USD$50 per hour.

Get In The Zone

Squad Heart Rate app for bootcamps, gyms, and team sports. Squad tracks exercise intensity, energy expenditure, and aerobic fitness in training groups. Supports 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sends workout reports automatically, and syncs iCloud data across iDevices.

US$9.99/mo Multi-User or FREE Single-User

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Double Or Nothing

Squad Hub app for bootcamps, gyms, and team sports. Squad Hub doubles the number of heart monitors Squad Club can track to 24-athletes. Pairs to registered heart monitors, extends tracking distance, and sends heart data to Squad Club. Download FREE on the App Store.

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Never miss a beat

We recommend Wahoo TICKR heart rate chest straps for quality, performance, and value for money. Features Dual-Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing, LED lights for Bluetooth activation and heart rate detection, and heart rate variability (HRV). Shop now at Wahoo Fitness.

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