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Double Or Nothing

Squad Hub app for bootcamps, gyms, and team sports. Squad Hub doubles the number of heart monitors Squad HR can track to 24-athletes. Pairs to registered heart monitors, extends tracking distance, and sends heart data to Squad HR. Download FREE on the App Store.

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Squad Hub


**Note this is the companion app to the Squad Heart Rate app and requires downloading onto second iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Squad Hub app can increase the display limit on Squad Heart Rate app up to 24 athletes simultaneously (requires Bluetooth heart rate sensors^).

Squad Hub app will find and connect to available Bluetooth heart rate monitors with unique device names that have been previously registered in the Squad Heart Rate app.

Squad Hub reads and transmits heart rate data to the Squad Heart Rate app via Bluetooth or local WiFi network for mirroring onto HDMI-equipped TV display.


* Extends display limit and tracking distance for Squad Heart Rate app
* Heart data is read from Bluetooth monitors and forwarded to Squad Heart Rate app in second intervals
* Only nicknames, device names, and heart rate data are exchanged between both iDevices
* No profile or performance data is stored on secondary iDevice (running Squad Hub app)
* Does NOT utilise iCloud whatsoever – safely works with anyone’s iDevice (running Squad Hub app)

^Actual Bluetooth connection limit may vary depending on your iDevice models. For example, iPhoneX and iPad Pro running iOS13 simultaneously connects 12 Bluetooth heart monitors, while iPad (5th Gen) and iPod Touch (7th Gen) only connects up to 6 heart monitors.


1. Launch Squad HR app on first iDevice

2. Setup activity with 24 players (subscribers only), and press start button

3. Launch Squad Hub app on second iDevice

4. Accept request to connect with Squad Hub app on first iDevice

IMPORTANT! Screens on both iDevices must be unlocked to maintain data connection.

Displays up to 24 players and extends signal range
using 2nd iPhone running Squad Hub FREE

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