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Heart on your sleeve

Wahoo TICKR FIT heart rate armband for smartphones and bike computers. Features Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing, advanced optical sensor, and rechargeable battery.

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Easy Setup

Wear the TICKR FIT heart rate monitor around your forearm and pair with over 50 compatible fitness apps. Your smartphone will automatically reconnect the next time you wear it to train.

Advanced Optical Sensor

Advanced optical sensor technology gives you accurate heart rate for up to 30 hours. Less accurate than chest straps but much better comfort, particularly if you find chest straps difficult to wear.

Bluetooth and ANT+

Dual-band signal pairs to both iPhone/Android smartphones and bike computers at the same time!

Comfort and Convenience

Soft, breathable, and washable neoprene armband with adjustable velcro strip fits comfortably around your arm. Includes 2 adjustable bands (small and large size).

LED Light

Never miss a beat! LED light verifies your smartphone connection, low battery warning and charging status.


Rated IPX7 for withstanding splashing and immersion in water up to 1 meter. Continues to transmit heart rate data in splashing water from any direction, including rain, surf, and sweat (not swimming).

Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours and includes USB charging cable.

30 Day Return Policy

Stress-free 30-day return policy. If you don't like it, send it back for a full 100% refund (ex delivery costs). No questions asked. What is our Returns Policy?


Compatible with Strava, Polar Beat, Wahoo Fitness, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, Endomondo, RunKeeper, and many more iPhone/Android apps.

Tech Specs

Device CategoryHeart Rate Monitor
Wireless TransmissionDual-band Bluetooth LE 4.0 and ANT+ 2.4GHz
Battery Life~30 hours on full charge
LED LightConnection, low battery and charging status
Heart Rate Range30~240 BPM
Transmission RangeUp to 10 meters
Sensor ColorBlack
Band ColorBlack
Strap Length260x25.4mm (small) and 375x25.4mm (large)
Water Resistance
IPX7 Rating - Waterproof protection up to 1 meter depth.
Continues to transmit heart rate data in splashing water from any direction, including rain, sweat, and washing (not swimming).
Sensor is made from ABS thermoplastic polymer for durability and impact resistance.
Armbands are made from neoprene with velcro strip. Hand washable using mild soap and water when necessary.
Rechargeable lithium battery.
Your TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor should operate up to 30 hours before needing to recharge the battery.
Most modern smartphones and bike computers including:
Apple mobile devices iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3 or later, Apple Watch.
Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and running Android 4.3 or later (5.0.1 minimum recommended).
GPS bike computers with ANT+ capability including Garmin devices.
Works with MapMyRide, MapMyRun, Strava, Endomondo, RunKeeper, and many more apps for iOS/Android.
In The Box
TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor (sensor)
Small Adjustable Soft Strap
Large Adjustable Soft Strap
USB Charging Cable
Quick Start Guide
Important Product Info Guide
One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I switch it on?
Press and hold the power button (3secs) until blue LED light blinks slowly. While connecting to your device the blue LED will start flashing. Once connected the blue LED will remain solid. After 30 seconds of pairing the LED will turn off.
How do I switch it off?
Press and hold the power button (3secs) until red LED light flashes for 2 seconds.
How should I wear my TICKR FIT armband?
The armband should be worn snugly on the inside and top of your forearm. The armband should feel comfortable but still tight enough that it does not move during physical activity. Refer user manual for full setup instructions.
How should I care for my TICKR FIT armband?
After each workout you should dry and clean the sensor with a damp towel. After extended use the armband can be rinsed under warm water and allowed to dry.
What sports can benefit from wireless heart rate monitoring?
Any sport where performance improvements can be made by measuring recovery and effort can benefit from heart rate monitoring. Historically, the first wireless ECG heart rate monitor was invented in 1977 by the founder of Polar Electro, Seppo Säynäjäkangas, as a training aid for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski team. Then in the mid-80s 'intensity training' became a popular concept in athletic circles, leading to the first retail sales in 1982 of wireless personal heart monitors.


Why won't my TICKR FIT armband pair with my smartphone?
Click here to see answers to common problems connecting to smartphones.
Why is my heart rate not being displayed on my smartphone?
First ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone, your TICKR FIT armband has been correctly fitted to your forearm, and the power button has been pressed until LED light verifies connection to your device (blue LED flashes and then remains solid for 30 seconds). Next, we suggest downloading the Wahoo Utility app available free on the App Store and Google Play. This app tests the connection between your phone and the heart rate monitor.
Why do I keep losing the Bluetooth connection to my smartphone?
First, check your smartphone is in close proximity to the sensor, the smartphone-to-sensor signal is unobstructed, and the TICKR FIT armband is properly fitted. From our own smartphone tests, if after accidentally deactivating the sensor during training, you experience difficulties re-establishing a Bluetooth connection - we recommend closing the app, sleep then waking the phone. Finally, if all else fails, the most likely cause is a low battery in your heart rate monitor. Follow the instructions provided with your TICKR FIT armband to recharge the battery.
Can the TICKR FIT armband connect to my GPS bike computer?
If your bike computer supports ANT+ pairing, then yes! Most bike computers and particularly Garmin products support ANT+ pairing.
Should I connect the TICKR FIT armband to my smartphone using Bluetooth or ANT+?
All smartphones should support Bluetooth but only some support ANT+ natively (Android only). If your smartphone supports both, you should first try pairing using Bluetooth. However, some customers (with Sony Xperia's) who experienced problems with Bluetooth pairing, had more success using ANT+ with ANT+ enabled apps. For more information and a comprehensive list of ANT+ native smartphones and ANT+ apps, you may find this resource useful


How long will the battery last?
With Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology (BLE) your TICKR FIT armband should operate for approximately 30 hours of continual use before needing to recharge the battery. LED flashes orange 3 times when the battery charge falls to 15% or lower, and normal LED function resumes after flashing. LED flashes red for 2 seconds when the battery is too low before automatically powering down. If powered on below the 5% threshold, LED will flash red again for 2 seconds, then shut down.
Is the TICKR FIT armband battery rechargeable?
Yes. The TICKR FIT armband is pre-installed with a lithium battery which can be recharged using the supplied USB cable.
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